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TryChips Packaging

For a start-up principle-based snack brand like TryChips, the packaging is their most important marketing outlet. They asked me to develop a unique brand voice for their packaging, one that will align with the adventure-seeking attitude of their target audience and breathe some soul into the brand. The back panel of each product variety provided the ideal space for motivating brand messaging.

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American Cancer Society Direct Mail

ACS Logo

Every year, the American Cancer Society invites people to participate in a symbolic race to help cure cancer. The race is called DetermiNation, and it's a nation wide event where people train to run a half or full marathon while raising money for the fight against cancer. It's a chance for people to effect a positive change in their own lives, while saving the lives of others. They commissioned me to help develop a direct mail piece designed to create a spark of determination, and encourage people to participate.

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AmeriCare Online Content Platform

AmeriCare is a home care company that provides caregiving services for seniors and people with special needs. AmeriCare realizes how stressful caregiving can be, so they work to provide support for current and prospective clients by creating communities and delivering useful content. They hired me to create an online content and social media platform. A virtual community where people can share experiences and receive useful information and inspirational stories that will help them better care for their loved ones while maintaining a positive attitude. I write original blog articles for their website and manage their Facebook Business Page and Twitter Account, which can be accessed through the following blog page.

AmeriCare Website Blog Page

Tagline Development for TryChips

TryChips is an emerging energy bar brand that only uses natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. They asked me to help establish a brand positioning platform along with a tagline that expresses their sustainable food philosophy and the adventure-seeking attitude embodied in the brand name. I provided multiple tagline options that fell under three separate directions: product focused, benefit focused, and purpose focused.

The Client approved the recommended tagline:

Waste Nothing. Try Everything.

Georgia State Parks and Lodges Website

Picture 2

The Lodges at Georgia State Parks offer overnight accommodations and event space on some of Georgia's most pristine state-protected nature centers. I conducted an audit of their website in an effort to help them attract more event business. At the time they were only positioned against corporate event planners. I recommended that they broaden their outreach to include Reunion Organizers, Wedding Planners, and Spiritual Retreats. I then helped restructure the site architecture to accommodate these new groups and developed targeted copy that caters to each group individually.

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Training Manual for Ad Agency: 22squared

22squared is an Ad Agency (the largest in Atlanta, and sixth largest independent agency in the country) with a novel philosophy: treat consumers as you would a friend. They asked me to help create a training manual to teach this friendly philosophy to their Client Leadership department (AKA, Account Management). I developed the content outline and wrote all copy for this manual that helps train emerging and established Client Leaders on this unique approach to marketing.

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National Newsletter for FoodRoutes

FoodRoutes is a non-profit organization advocating local food systems. They asked me to write an article on farm succession planning for their national newsletter. One of the largest reasons farms fold is a lack of succession planning. The purpose of this piece was to share another option for retiring farmers who want their operation to live on.

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Florida’s Natural Campaign Video Script and Newsletter

Florida’s Natural is the second largest manufacturer of not-from-concentrate orange juice in the U.S. They are owned by a cooperative of Florida citrus growers competing against corporate behemoths: Coke and Pepsi. And they are the only major brand that only uses oranges grown on their own farms in Florida, unlike the competition who uses juice imported from overseas. I wrote the attached scripts for a video, and corporate newsletter, to help promote the launch of two new "Never Imported" campaigns.

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