BK Copywriting

A Principle-Based Partnership

I’m driven to help businesses that do good, do great. As such, I work exclusively with companies that adhere to a certain set of ethics.

I know that there are many incredible companies that do wonderful things for our world, but I prefer to partner with organizations that provide a product or service that helps to promote health, happiness, or planetary wellness without contributing to unfair work practices or environmental degradation.

In return, I pledge to always provide fair, honest, and impassioned creative services based on mutual respect and a common purpose.

My passions include:
  • Providing healthy product options, and creating safe and happy environments, that help children grow, develop, and thrive.
  • Promoting fitness and healthy food options.
  • Helping the sick get well and stay well.
  • Improving, or maintaining, a high quality of life for the elderly or infirmed.
  • Feeding the hungry, finding shelter for the homeless.
  • Improving our ecosystems.
  • Caring for companion animals.
  • Protecting natural wildlife habitats.
  • Advocating the imagination and promoting the arts.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your organization doesn’t align perfectly with these ethics or interests. I understand that even the most well-intentioned organization may have gray areas, and am always happy to help companies incorporate more of these principle-based ethics into their operation. Give me a call and we’ll work together to determine if I’m the right partner for you.